English & Pre School

The aim of MOPPE  is to develop and broaden the range of children's learning experiences, to leave them confident, eager and enthusiastic learners who are looking forward to school. We hope to play our part by treating your child as an individual and offering him/her a variety of experiences and activities which are designed to further the development process.

Conheça alguns projetos e atividades desenvolvidos pelo Smart International Program:

Escola Moppe: Av. Lineu de Moura, 1655 - Urbanova - São José dos Campos/SP
Tel.: (12) 3949-9380 E-mail: moppe@moppe.com.br

Berçário Bambini: Rua Carlos Chagas, 346 - Jd. Esplanada - São José dos Campos/SP
Tel.: (12) 3204-4610 E-mail: bambini@moppe.com.br